Friday, 12 April 2013

El Marino Blanc, a toast to luminous white skin!
El Marino Blanc is an enhanced and effective collagen drink. Beside on all the goodness you can get from the highly successful El Marino collagen drink, El Marino Blanc is specially formulated to provide 4 ways of protection
- Fairer skin
- Firmer skin
- Radiant and glowing skin
- Smoother skin texture

El Marino Blanc in Action
Discover a visibly younger and fairer skins you, in just 7 days*
Take a glass of El Marino Blanc every morning and evening, experience for yourself a visibly rejuvenated skin. Make it your daily routine and it will soon become a natural to you daily essential diet.
The combination of ROC® + VIQUA® Active with ADS® Nano Delivery System + Collactive™, activate and maintain your skin’s natural system to protect it aganist external harmful elements. El Marino Blanc’s new enhanced formula, penetrates deep into your skin cells with
Action 1: Protect your skin cells from the harmful UV rays from your environment.
Action 2: Inhibit Tyrosinase from producing more melanin which is known for darkening skins.
Action 3: Inhibit activity of collagenase and elastase, which break down elastin upon exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, etc
Action 4: Speed up and encourage the production of new collagen and elastin in your skins.
Action 5: Immediate replenish lost collagen and elastin in your skins.
With El Marino Blanc, your skins stay young, fair, and luminous.

What makes El Marino Blanc so effective?
El Marino Blanc is derived from the work of scientist and dermatologists, they’ve formulated a unique collagen drink that work, to give you long term protection with brightening and anti-aging advantage that keeps your skin firm and luminous.
- Red Orange Complex (ROC®)
- VIQUA® Active via ADS Nano Delivery System
- Collative™
* Self-evaluation by 64 women and men between the ages of 25-50 years over 4 weeks.

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